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Project Description
The SugarSync Folder Provider for DotNetNuke allows you to have direct integration between your cloud-hosted files and the file system in your DotNetNuke website. In using this extension, you will be able to enjoy the management of files in a CMS with the power of cloud file hosting.

SugarSync is a very popular provider for file sharing, synchronization, and storage in the cloud. It has desktop and mobile applications to allow you to manage and use those files anywhere in the world. This project allows you to leverage those files in any way that you'd like in your DotNetNuke (DNN) website.

When you use a folder provider in DNN, your files can literally live anywhere in the world that is accessible to your web server or website. Your content editors and visitors would have no idea. As a result, you would be able to take advantage of redundancy, faster loading pages, and files that are accessible to you in more ways than ever before.

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